Our History


Resin Surfaces is a NZ owned and operated , fully independent, company that supplies and installs High Friction, Coloured and decorative surfacing for Roading, Civil, Architectural and domestic clients. We are the only suppliers that use resins that are sourced from renewable resources (not hydrocarbon based)

Resin Surfaces was established to provide a dedicated expert resource to New Zealand in the field of specialist and safety surfacing. Starting out through the delivery of cycle and bus lanes in maintenance contracts, Resin Surfaces has grown to establish themselves as the market leader in safety surfacing. We were the first to introduce the now universally used Apple Green colour for cycle and bus lanes, and since then have been the pioneers for numerous high profile installations such as the RWC 2011 Auckland waterfront rehabilitation and the recent CRL 24/7 Buslanes.

Transforming Public spaces since 2009

Resin Surfaces is more than just an installer, we care about longevity of networks, the environment and the impact our solutions have on network users, as well as working with stakeholders to ensure the best finish on every project. Resin Surfaces was established by Michael Coote, who has over 20 years of experience in the design and installation of specialist surfacing.

Since inception, Resin Surfaces has provided over 100,000m2 of safe, effective and durable surfacing nationwide, complying with all national standards and continuously providing the finest solutions for any project.


A Crew member in action


A world first Artwork

Our Professionalism

Resin Surfaces takes every customer need into each job. With robust Health and Safety processes, backed by our ACC accreditation, and our TQS2 Quality standards, we ensure a highly professional approach from the smallest job through to multi-site projects. Our team are briefed at every shift to warrant the best finish on each installation.

We take Health and Safety and Environmental concerns seriously, as well as client and stakeholder involvement from the initial stages through to post-project information.


Koru and Mike

Why Work with Us

Resin Surfaces follows strong Quality and Health and Safety processes, only uses NZ accredited materials and has a training programme in place for all who work for and with us. This means a hassle free, approved installation regardless of the safety surface requirements.

Our Values

“Quality Comes First”

At Resin Surfaces we only accept the best finish on our projects, and strive to consistently provide a top quality result. We believe in a strong team unity and encourage ideas and methodology improvements from all of our staff. Resin Surfaces aims for no hassles and will do whatever it takes to deliver work with zero issues for our clients.


“Environmentally friendly surfacing across New Zealand”

We believe that our surfacing is the best choice for any network across New Zealand, and by working with all governing bodies we can provide consistent, durable and aesthetically pleasing safety surfaces across our nation, partnering with our sister company in the South Island “Resin South’ to do so efficiently and cost-effectively.


“Innovation in Safety Surfacing”

Building on our extensive knowledge of resin technology, we are constantly seeking to provide new options to the market in this field. We work with New Zealand companies to develop alternative surfacing options to traditional petrochemical methods, and bring new, exciting and exclusive aggregate and finishing options to the country. Watch this space.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience – Our qualified team is prepared for anything
  • Quality – Our products are long lasting and meet all standards
  • Sustainability – Our products is the only renewable resource resin in NZ
  • Zero Waste – We operate off recycled and recaptured resources
  • Zero Harm – We operate a robust health and safety programme
  • No Hassles! – We aim to please with no fuss and no mess
  • Have your say – we can customise our products to suit your needs.

Charities we support

We believe that it is a corporate responsibility to give back to the world, and as such we support the following charities with both volunteer time and financial support:

IHC Foundation

Camp Quality


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