Environmentally Friendly Specialist Surfacing

We work closely with our New Zealand Polymer Scientist to create custom solutions that become valuable network assets.

Resin Surfaces range of coloured, high friction and decorative surfacing is the perfect companion to well thought out safety campaigns, cycle networks, school safety programmes, and network improvements, not to mention capital projects and architectural wonders. We know how to work with Councils, Engineers, project managers or private customers to create the perfect solution for any requirement whether it be a city changing cycle path, or a shared driveway needing slip resistance. Our experienced and safety-conscious teams know exactly how to deliver all of our solutions efficiently with a focus on high quality work, anywhere in New Zealand or beyond.

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EverGreen Safety Surfacing

Evergreen surfacing is our surfacing developed to provide colour demarcation on roads, most commonly Bus and Cycle lanes and Pedestrian crossings, but also for architectural and decorative purposes. We can formulate virtually any colour as needed. Resin Surfaces Ltd has worked with a polymer scientist and developed this product to be made from 80% renewable resources.

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EverGrip High-Friction Surfacing

EverGrip is our High Friction Surfacing. Comprising of our proven flexible binder system and calcined bauxite aggregate. EverGrip provides the highest levels of skid resistance in an installation format that is low maintenance, long lasting, and with no damaging effects on the road asset. As with Evergreen, the resin binder is made from 80% renewable materials, and the wearing course is 100% aggregate (calcined Bauxite) and suffers no aggregate loss over time.

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Decorative Safety Surfacing

Resin Surfaces are the provider of premium decorative, architectural and coloured surfacing solutions. With our wide range of resin and aggregate options, we can customise any installation to match colour, purpose and environmental requirements.  

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