Work Portfolio

2011 World Cup Eastern Viaduct Stripes – Mid 2011

In the Middle of winter 2011, as part of Auckland’s preparation for the world Rugby cup of that year, Resin surfaces installed 1700m2 of coloured stripes on Te-Wero Island and the Eastern Viaduct.

The Head Contractor was Hawkins. Resin Surfaces were the nominated subcontractors, as we had developed a colour coating that the designers, Boffa Miskell, were happy with. The type of coating was as far as we know a world first.

The bus and cycle lane work we were doing at the time consisted of coloured polyurethane resin, and coloured glass particles, the same as we do today on occasion. For this job instead of glass particles, we used clear glass beads, about 2mm dia., that had been colour coated. The resulting surface was very rich and velvety, retroreflected in colour, and stayed a lot cleaner than glass particle surfaces. Two lots of slip testing were done, and the surface well exceeded the required slip resistance for pedestrian ways.

As you can imagine the pressure to get the work done was intense, and we had weeks of wet weather, after all it was winter. The original program was for 2.5 weeks work, but we ended up doing 70% of it in just 4 days, when the weather finally cleared. We called the material Ballatini strada, as it sounded Italian, and therefore stylish.