Work Portfolio

Carrington, Rainbow Cycle Bridge – Mid 2018

In mid-2017, Resin Surfaces replaced some of the ply panels on (what is now) the Rainbow bridge on the cycleway at Carrington and painted the bridge rainbow stripes. However, the existing ply panels had been in service for about 10 years, and continued to delaminate and cause problems.

In the Autumn of 2018, Resin Surfaces, under the umbrella of a Downer Maintenance contract, designed and installed a new surfacing on the bridge. The running surface was 12mm plywood, over the top of 100 x 50 hardwood timber with virtually no gap between each, running transversely across the bridge. We removed the plywood and replaced it with 12mm fibre cement board. The boards were cut to shape by a subcontractor who used a water cutter to cut them to precise dimensions.

The panels were then taken to a temporary covered yard that we hired, where they were given 3 coats (top bottom and edges) of thin penetrating epoxy, to make them waterproof. Then a layer of pedestrian grade bauxite was put on the running surface.

They were then taken to site where they were screwed into position using around 50 screws on each circa 1.5m x 1.1m panel. Once completed Aliphatic coloured paint was used to create the rainbow colours.

The bridge was done in sections and never had to be closed. Most of the coating and preparation was done under cover away from site, enabling far better quality-control, and for the work to be carried out over winter.