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Dunedin City Council 3D Crossing – Early 2017

In the late summer of 2017, Dunedin Council installed two full on 3D crossings on Clyde Street in Dunedin.

The artist was Jenny McCracken from Melbourne, Zest Events. One crossing was a legal pedestrian crossing, (with the white 300mm wide stripes at 900 centres) while the other was a suggested crossing point, designed more to put the driver on alert, the crossings were just 100m or so apart.

Downers were the head contractor providing support, Resin Surfaces provided “the canvas” (that is a buff bauxite base upon which the colours were painted) the paint, and manpower to help with the painting. The paint was an aliphatic epoxy paint, that would normally be too slippery, but because it was going over such a course bauxite surface, skid resistance was maintained.

Early estimates were for about 40 litres of paint required in 8 different colours, we ended up using 120 litres with about 12 different colours. It’s a credit to our supplier, Auckland based Polymer Group, that they were able to get paint from order to delivery, in less than 24 hours, for several days in a row.