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Red Patches at crossings, North Shore Auckland Late 2019

In Late 2019 Resin Surfaces won a job working directly for Auckland Transport, installing Red patches with “Slow” markings on them at 15 crossings near schools on Aucklands North Shore.

The red surfacing was done using Red Methyl Methacrylate resin with pedestrian entrained bauxite for skid resistance.

This is a very tenacious material, bonding well to roads, It is also very flexible so in many cases is able to be laid over chipseal, not always recommended with other resins, and a feature that enabled some savings on this job in that we could lay it directly over the existing surface.

But the real advantage we had on this job was our new and excusive MMA sprayer (as at early 2020). This sprayer enabled us to spray long life markings directly onto the just laid red surfacing.

The white MMA used had pedestrian grade bauxite and glass beads entrained within it, providing a one stage operation.

We spray through a stencil, so the dimensional accuracy of the “SLOW” marking was virtually perfect, and there was no need to lay it in paint 1st, something usually required before laying long life markings.